Lewis Smith Lake Information

– Smith Lake was impounded in 1961 by Alabama Power Company to control flooding and produce hydroelectric power.

– According to Wikipedia, Lewis Smith Lake s the second cleanest in the country behind Lake Tahoe in California.

– The 3-fingered lake is over 21,000 acres and has over 500 miles of shoreline, which is mostly comprised of rock.

– At full pool the lake is 510’ft and maximum depth over 250ft. The dam is one of the largest in the eastern US, it stretches 2,200 ft. in length and reaches a maximum height of 300 ft.

– Smith Lake spans 3 counties Walker, Winston & Cullman. The county Lakeshore West is located in is Cullman.

– The Northwest part of the lake is surrounded by the Bankhead National Forest, which is one of four National Forests in Alabama.

– William B. Bankhead National Forest, is over 181,000 acres and is known as “The land of a thousand waterfalls”.

– Popular sport fish are: Largemouth Bass, Spotted Bass, Striped Bass, White and Black Crappie just to name a few.